• Capita Ultrafear Snowboard 149 2014

    Capita Ultrafear Snowboard 149 2014

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    Capita Ultrafear Snowboard 2014




    Itsthatyouthinkyouknowwhatyoureseeingbutyoudon’treallybecauseeverythingis allcrusheduptogetherandeverytimeyoutrytolookdeeperyourmindmeltsandyoure likeholyfuckwhatsgoingonamigoinginsane?

    The truth is, we don't see things as they are. We see things as we are, and this is us. Everything impossibly cool muddled up together in this beautiful mess. We desperately want to sort it all out, but can't. We are all on the edge of insanity, but so few of us let ourselves slip over the edge and embrace it.

    Come join us. Let yourself come unglued, unhinged, unbridled. Embrace the insane.

    Finally available to everyone, this once limited super power of freestyle boards is here and sporting some serious status. As a winner of the 2012 Transworld Top Ten Good Wood Award, a CAPiTA team favorite, and star of endless video segments, the Ultrafear is a living legend. Updated with a unique shape and a continued graphic style depicting dismembered pieces of every graphic throughout the CAPiTA line, these boards are a show stealer. They float in powder and turn effortlessly on hard-pack, but they’re known by most as the best jib board in the world. Take it to the streets or the resort, this board is an essential part of any serious freestyler’s quiver.

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